Artsnacks Unboxing: December

Late review! From December! January box review coming soon!

I can’t lie, I absolutely love the box these come in, which… I did not get a picture of this time. Sorry! It’s perfectly art-supply-shaped, the stamp is cute, and it’s not so perfect that I feel compelled to keep it forever and ever. It’s a shipping box. I appreciate a monthly box that puts the focus on its contents instead of the container.

Stabilo Fine Pointredpen

This is a pen! Mine’s red, and after using it for a bit, I like it, but I’ll be using it more for editing than actual art. It’s a very fine tip, so it doesn’t fit my coloring style. Still, the ink flows smoothly and it’s plenty bright, and I love the schoolteacher aesthetic for a revision pen.

Apparently what’s special about it is that the nib takes a long, long time to dry out if you forget to put the cap back on, but I’m not about to test that.

Higgins Black Magic 1mm… Marker?higgins

love this thing. It went straight into my everyday case, because nothing else has ever done as good a job of filling in large black spaces, except ink-and-brush. This is not surprising, as Higgins Black Magic ink is normally bought in jars! I hope this thing is refillable, or at least not too expensive to replace.

The thing is, it’s not messy. It can black out huge spaces without streaks, and its matte finish is so much better than the permanent markers I’ve been using lately. I used to use ink-and-brush, but I got tired of cleaning my brushes (ink sinks into your brushes and will not come out) and getting ink all over… well, everything.

EXCEPT! It does not play well with Copics. I guess it’s alcohol-soluble, because as soon as it touches a Copic, it spreads. Water isn’t a problem, though, so I’ll still be using it for watercolors and black-and-white pieces.

Caran D’Ache Colored Pencils Discovery Set & KUM Long Point Sharpener20161205_081911

What even IS this?? It’s a pack of five colored pencils in the typical basic colors, plus a… blender?? thing?? It feels like a stick of very stiff rubber, and it flakes like Parmesan when you sharpen it. In the picture below, I tried to blend out the yellows of the blob in the middle. It did… a little. As for water solubility, the blue and green spread out no problem, but the yellow and orange were pretty solid on the paper. I’m not a huge fan of watercolor pencils anyway, though, so maybe I’m not the best judge.

All-in-all, I’m going to stick with my Prismacolors.

The sharpener, on the other hand, is great. It’s a sharpener. The long point, is unexpectedly nice, though; I normally use an electric sharpener, and when I switch to a hand-sharpener on a trip or something, the shape is totally different. Not anymore!

#ArtSnacksChallenge – I was trying to do An Effect in the middle, but it turned out kind of goofy. Not the pencil’s fault! I do wish to note for posterity, though, that loops do not spooky make.



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