Artsnacks Unboxing: January

January box! It got here a week ago and I’ve been having struggling with my “camera” (it’s a cell phone) ever since.

(Links mostly go to Blick.)

Snap! Series Paintbrushes by Princeton Brush

It’s a paintbrush. I got the 8 round, which I happened to need, which is a nice coincidence. As far as synthetic fiber brushes go, this one’s nice–the Snap name isn’t a joke, as the bristles really do have good spring. The point is nice and sharp and it has perfectly decent capacity.

Koh-I-Noor Magnum Black Star Pencil

I laughed when I opened this. It’s so… normal! basic! Who doesn’t already have an HB pencil?

I have to say, though, except for the difficulty in finding a sharpener, the fat barrel is nice. It kept my fingers from getting as cramped as they usually do. I ended up sharpening it with a knife, as it’s fatter than a crayon and I’m not buying a new sharpener just for one pencil.

(The lead quality was excellent. But I really don’t have much to say about an HB pencil.)

GOLDEN High Flow Acrylic Paints

I got Fluorescent Blue and Fluorescent Green, which are BRIGHT AF and well outside of my comfort zone. Trying to figure out what to do with these two colors was… a challenge. After dinking around on some practice paper for a while, I found out that they marble beautifully! Putting green on one half of the brush and blue on the other half and then just moving it around gives the RIDICULOUS BRIGHTNESS some dimension. Then I painted mermaid hair for a while.

This stuff is an interesting texture. I’m used to watercolor, so it was very thick for me, and at the half-dry point it gets a strangely tacky feel, like glue. I think this is normal for acrylics? It was definitely interesting. I had kind of a hard time using them, but I think that’s more because I’m not used to acrylic and not a fault of the medium.

Art & Graphic Twin RB+F by ZIG (not available yet in the general market)

Brush pens are popular right now, aren’t they? I can’t say I don’t understand, they are pretty great.

I liked this one a lot. The brush was springy and thin, with a nice point, and it behaved in a way I haven’t been able to get my other brush pens to behave.

However, it’s water-based and blue! That doesn’t work for me. I’m more of an illustrator than an artist, and using blue for lines is just nonsense. Also, water-based likes are kind of a problem for me. They can be used to beautiful watercolor effect, but doings so wrecks your clean lines, so…?

These things will absolutely rock somebody’s boat, but they sink mine. I’m sure I’ll be having fun with it on experiment days, but for regular use, it just won’t work for me.


A bright, bright mess.



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