Too Scare



In November, right after the election, a person I follow on Tumblr was losing her mind. She was scared, she was alone, she didn’t have much money, and I wanted to help. Now–she’s an editor. So when she posted her ad for editorial services, adding “If you’ve ever wanted this, now’s the time”, I jumped on that.

Now, the trouble is, I wasn’t actually ready for editing services. My first draft is only just finished, and it is a mess. Absolute convoluted nonsense.

With great effort, I whipped the first five chapters into shape and sent them to her.

And she was absolutely on the ball.  And I want to read them! I want to use them! I want this manuscript to come to be the glorious shining masterpiece I see in my head!

But my manuscript isn’t actually ready to apply her edits yet. And if I can’t use them, reading them is absolutely terrifying.

Of course, when I am ready, it’ll be even scarier.


This is my fate.


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