A Comic to Illustrate a Point

0-1-Let's Talk About Synecdoche.jpg

Image description: “Let’s talk about SYNECDOCHE, a rhetorical device in which a part stands for the whole, the whole for the part, the special for the general, etc. (sin-ECK-duh-key)

Such as… [IMAGE: An old man’s face, his beard highlighted and labelled “whole old man”. A car, the wheel highlighted and labelled “whole car”. The letters ABC’s defgh…, ABC highlighted and labelled “whole alphabet”.]

or… [IMAGE: pussy-centric signs from the women’s march (“Build a (uterine) wall”, “Girl Power [image of a vagina]”, “Pussy Power” and “Viva la Vulva”), and a cartoon of the artist looking extremely cross at the camera, and aura of displeasure separating her from the group. She is leaning on a text box reading “God damn it.”]

White text in a black box: Trans-exclusionary synecdoche is trans exclusionary synecdouchery.

A comic about something I saw a LOT of at the women’s march. I know most of the people carrying these signs aren’t doing it on purpose, but let’s try and remember that trans and intersex women exist next time, okay?

(In case anyone’s confused: the illustrated synecdoches are “graybeard” for old men, “wheels” for cars, and “ABC’s” for the alphabet. )


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