0-PorcupineImage Description: A North American Porcupine standing on a tree stump, decorative black dots of various sizes all around her. Rays of grey marker strokes radiate out from the porcupine’s body.

2 hours, Sakura Micron #5, Copic Sketch N0, N2, and N4, and Sharpie (for the dots).

This is the younger of the two porcupines who live at the High Desert Museum in Eastern Oregon. She was very active the day I visited, but she stood still long enough for this. I love all porcupines but the North American variety is the most danger puff of them all and I think I stood there for forty-five solid minutes just watching her run around and bother her mom.




Image Description: A tiny baby red fox sticks his face into a teacup. A full tea set is clustered around him, sugar bowl and creamer behind him and two taper candles to his left. The taper candles are kind of crooked because I’m a dope. The tea set has a pattern of violet foxgloves and golden suns. Also there is a spoon.

Watercolor and sakura microns.