And Summon the Lambs to Slaughter

0-Miracle in the Forest

Status: Second draft

Genre: YA fantasy + LGBTQ romance

When Miracle Taylor goes to bed after a long day herding her father’s sheep, she has a good dream, or a bad dream.

On a good day, the girl Miracle has been in love with since she was twelve pushes Miracle’s fleeces out of her arms, sinks her fingers into Miracle’s hair, and sets Miracle’s heart on fire.

On a bad day, she is back in the forest where she was born, and a monster with breath like burning tar and eyes like her mother’s laughs as she tries to run, and it’s like she never left that cursed place, and the feeling sticks to her skin even after she wakes.

Now she’s going to college. She’s leaving her nightmares, and her dreams, behind. Her nightmares aren’t real. There are other girls.

Except, the monster in her nightmares has started appearing outside of her dreams.

And that girl she’s in love with?

That’s her roommate.