Driving Interest

0-Let Me Help You Pretend

Status: Second draft

Genre: Erotic drama

Theo’s father made a habit of screwing people over, so Theo really isn’t that surprised when his father is finally arrested for tax evasion. What does surprise him is that he is included among the property seized, and is sold into twenty years of indentured servitude to pay back those tax debts.

The man who buys him could be worse. He’s offering Theo a choice. He’ll free him in just five years, if Theo agrees to sleep with certain powerful officials whose favor the man needs. This is obviously an insane plan–Theo grew up with their children, he was one of them, they won’t want him like that even if he was some kind of sexual god, which he is decidedly not–until he sees the letters. Yes, people definitely want him. Mostly, people who hated his father.

If he’s lucky, his friends can find a legal loophole to invalidate this whole thing.

If not, he has a long, long time to decide how much of his body he’s willing to sacrifice for his freedom.