“Bleeding Earth” by Kaitlin Ward


“It’s like Junji Ito with a twist of gay” – my fiance re: the back-of-book blurb

Silhouette portrait done in blood, awesome.

Female author, good start, good start.

“Earth started growing hair and bones” alright this is cool maybe I’ll pick it up from the li-

“She longs to spend time with her new girlfriend” SOLD. No time for the library, where’s my wallet?

Unfortunately it’s the usual YA first-person present-tense, which I have hated since time immemorial, but if I want to read anything I’m gonna have to get used to it, so here goes.



Image Description: A tiny baby red fox sticks his face into a teacup. A full tea set is clustered around him, sugar bowl and creamer behind him and two taper candles to his left. The taper candles are kind of crooked because I’m a dope. The tea set has a pattern of violet foxgloves and golden suns. Also there is a spoon.

Watercolor and sakura microns.